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April 21, 2014


Check out our Site for more INFO: ______ (972) 525-0648 Emergency Appliance Repair Mesquite, Refrigerator|Gas Boiler|Deep Fryer Our Local Equipment is a s…
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Styrolution: Styrenics for automotive: premium aesthetics at lower cost

April 20, 2014


Frankfurt, Germany (PRWEB UK) 15 October 2013

At the K 2013, automotive manufacturers and designers can get an inside look at how Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, is addressing the new automotive design trends.

As polymers in cars are increasingly seen as visible proof of vehicle quality, new Styrolution grades are combining the best of automotive form and function: high-end surface aesthetics, low density and superior durability. As a high-value alternative to standard polypropylene-based materials, innovative styrenics offer high performance solutions at reduced weight and lower cost. Whether for front grills, mirrors or instrument panels, exterior panels or rear lights, the automotive applications based on styrenics are setting new standards in design, safety and environmental performance.

Key points:

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April 19, 2014


Check out our Site for more INFO: ______ (210) 201-2518 Emergency Appliance Repair San Antonio, Refrigerator|Gas Boiler|Deep Fryer Our Local Equipment is…
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April 18, 2014


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LG front load washing machine noise

April 17, 2014


This is what an LG WM2501HVA front load washing machine sounds if its motor rotor goes bad. You should notice that the drum does not move during the wash cyc…
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PluggedSolar Expands its Solar Panel Installations to Mexico

April 16, 2014


(PRWEB) October 18, 2013

Plugged Solar is an innovative and affordable solar energy solution for every home. PluggedSolar kits are being installed at homes with the grid interconnection across USA. They are now in demand in Mexico. The Plugged Solar has two versions, plug-in type that is attached to the standard electrical plug socket of a home. Another type is hard wired that is connected to electrical panel. Plug-in model is do-it-yourself solar power kit whereas the hard wired may need an electrician to connect to the house electrical panel. PluggedSolar was launched just a few months ago, the ease of installation at affordable cost has enjoyed a quick adoption rate across North America. Now it is expanding in Mexico. The homeowners get a relief from rising electrical cost by using solar power.

PluggedSolar Kit has a patent pending technology, which is similar to that of the traditional solar grid tie systems installed in buildings across the country. Plugged Solar kit has the high quality solar panels (with 25 years of warranty) and a grid tie inverters (5 years of warranty). These components are the ones as used in any solar installation done by solar licensed contractor. The solar panels and grid tie inverters are manufactured by global mega companies. The key differentiation from the traditional solar power to Plugged solar is the output voltage. The PluggedSolar has an output voltage of 120V AC which makes it plug-n-play as an appliance, the traditional solar installations have 240V AC, which requires a licensed electrician to make the connection.

The PluggedSolar kit has an easier DIY installation mountings for solar panels. All the components of the PluggedSolar are UL approved and so, the utilities and power companies are approving it. As stated by Dept. of Energy, there is 50% of cost saving if solar energy becomes plug-play.


PluggedSolar makes the solar energy affordable and comparable to the conventional Co2 producing power plant electricity

Phone : +1 (281) 712 2757


National Home Warranty Plans Now Accessible to Homeowners Online

April 14, 2014


Jacksonville, Florida (PRWEB) October 23, 2013

Homeowners who do not have sufficient coverage for personal possessions in a standard insurance policy can now access providers online through the Real Estate News Wire company. A new national home warranty plans service is provided at http://realestatenewswire.com/home-warranties. Homeowners can access this information to review plans and providers online.

Replacement costs for home appliances, personal possessions and other owned properties damaged by natural disasters can total into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Some insurance companies now lower the amounts of coverage provided for some types of possessions in standard policies. Owners of properties who are seeking additional coverage seek to benefit from the plans now accessible online.

“A home warranty plan could help protect against the risk of loss, failure or damage to a home when disasters that are not covered by regular insurance happen to homeowners,” said a source from the RealEstateNewsWire.com company.

One of the advantages to the plans and providers that are now accessible to property owners online is the coverage provided for alternative housing. A person who lives inside of a mobile home, apartment or other residence can seek out a policy for protection at an affordable price. The providers offering the coverage available are mixtures of top warranty companies in the U.S.

“The pricing can always vary when comparing companies and the providers that are now accessible are upfront about all quotes and policy declarations during the review process,” the source added.

The Real Estate News Wire company is continuing its marketing of services and other products that owners of properties can use through the 2014 year. New services and solutions are now in the planning stages for introduction early next year.

Homeowners who are interested in obtaining foreclosure advice or remodeling assistance can also benefit from the additional access to providers listed on the company website.


About RealEstateNewsWire.com

The RealEstateNewsWire.com company is now promoting useful products and services in the real estate industry direct to owners of properties online. The access to the third party companies offered through the company website is in addition to the housing articles, blog posts and other content supplied online. The RealEstateNewsWire.com company features reviews and other information about top real estate companies offering solutions and services that are different from the standard realtor or agent services provided in most cities. Thousands of consumers now use the company website on a monthly basis.

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